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Данные из таблицы второй страницы с кнопкой JavaScript «Следующая страница»

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I'm trying it now for hours, but I couldn't find it out.

On the website I want to collect data from, there is a table with a few entry's. The table can view 15 entries on one page. Mostly there are 2 pages to see because of 18-20 entries.

I want to get the data from the first page, and after that from the second page. It isn't nescessary to get it in one file.

Is anyone here who can help me to get the data from the second page? It is via Javascript, so I can't find the direct URL, or how to let the tool choose to get to second page.

Link is: http://cetis.combinant.be/Etis/TimeTableTrains.aspx?Terminal=COMBINANT&TimeTableType=2

I can't find out how to put something into the URL to go automatic to page 2.


Alternatively I can maybe use the Web Scraper, but I want to get the data into a Excel-sheet. Via the web scraper I couldn't find the best option.. When I use the "Click Element" and then select it on for "  a next page button?" it won't go to the next page, maybe because of the Javascript?


How the export is to Excelsheet via the Screenshot Tool looks like the best.


Спасибо за любую помощь!


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Via Web Scraping, I've found out now how to export to Excel. But only thr second page isn't working.

anyone idea'a?

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You need to select each column individually to create your dataset. Once you have done this. Use the Click Action select the Next button only. Then when the option box comes up, choose the "a next page button?" option. You do not need to look at the second page as it is the same as the first and you should have already specified all of the columns you want.

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Ответ от службы поддержки GrabzIt 17 июля 2020 г.