Инструменты для захвата и конвертирования Интернета

Сделайте скриншот Google Maps или Mapbox

While both our screenshot API's и Интернет Скриншот Инструмент make taking screenshots of online maps easy. In order to create the best possible quality screenshots of a map service such as Google Map or MapBox. It is recommended that the tips below are followed:

Bullet Specify a short delay of 1000-5000 ms to allow the map to load, before the screenshot is created.
Bullet Set the country parameter to US to avoid the cookie notification message being captured in the screenshot.

In fact using GrabzIt to snapshot Google Maps like the screenshot shown on the left, is a great way of providing an export of a map at a particular point in time. Of course this technique will work with any style of map whether it be a satellite imagery street map, street views or Google Earth!

To capture a map from your app, some kind of trigger such as a button will be required. If the button is on the same page that is being captured, then the button can be ignored by passing it's CSS selector to the hide parameter. Or alternatively by passing the CSS selector of the map element to the target parameter.

Another useful feature GrabzIt provides that ensures the whole map is captured when converting a map to an image. Is the ability to create full screen or full length screenshots.