Инструменты для захвата и конвертирования Интернета

Можем ли мы лицензировать программное обеспечение GrabzIt для самостоятельной работы на наших собственных серверах?


Our system is designed to be run around the world in multiple countries in a distributed fashion, which is why we can't provide a standalone implementation and instead only provide GrabzIt's API (Программный интерфейс приложения) и Скриншот Инструмент.

Often the main reason given for wanting to install GrabzIt Capture Software on a customer's own server is due to security concerns. To answer this concern we provide an encrypted capture feature the ability to send captures using HTTPS and as a final safeguard the ability to drastically shorten the time a capture is cached на наших серверах.